Nice home and nice job done within a 20 minutes' walk from the home. According to Google maps, we live within the radius of 10km from our dwelling place but have no problems with that. Our jobs are fine, and we are successful, the payroll allows us to drink craft beer without remorse and afford to buy a purebred dog. And yet, our brain increasingly discards the daily trifles as redundant information, and time turns into a dense grey stream, which takes us toward extinction. Or almost as dramatic. We want to delight in life, enjoy every moment. Or almost as mundane as that. And we believe that going on the road now is the right choice. Time flows much slower when travelling. Daily routine regains its brightness, just like it turned every day feel longer than a year, when we were small. We are young, free, and without any credit obligations, but the voice of the nature is already ticking, we hear our relatives putting bugs in our ears, that as long as there are only two of us, and a dog, this is the right moment. Hence our beautiful home will be replaced with a van with 3m2 of space.

We like to be at home, and we also like to travel. We give way to laugh, almost hysterical from joy, when curling up in our bed with a cup of tea in our hands. When sitting on a bridge across the Arno, one cheek stuffed with olives, the other one full of cheese, the neck of a wine bottle rattles against the teeth, as we're smiling from ear to ear. . We want it all together and all at once, and why not? We will travel together with our home. We have a Burgundy-red VW T5. We have Pinterest full of #vanlife ideas at our disposal. We have a couple of pages with the sketches of how to furnish the cabin, and a couple of fights about what to choose. Our minibus will slowly turn into our home.


We are going to travel around Europe. It gives us the opportunity to visit mountains and the sea within an hour's time, to sip Italian wine, with the taste of French wine still in your mind, get confused in the bouquet of various languages, kissing and other traditions, and then return home in a few days. We'll get salted in the Mediterranean, enjoy Belgium as a dwarf village, where one should introduce a bit of disorder, we will drink a lot of wine and lie down in a lavender field for a very short moment, being afraid of scorpions, one day we will eat only rolltons, and savour prosciutto, huge olives, Parmigiano-Reggiano and gelato next day. We are going to drive around, as long as there is enough money, strength and desire, and as long as we have not created a tiny baby on some rocky coast, a sunflower field or a prosaic paid parking lot. We are going to eat and boggle, tot and love, work, relish and grasp experience. And we are also going to write. We will write, both of us, because we are enormously alike and terribly different. We will write, because we have a large family, dear friends, and humane memory, which weaves even the most vivid days into a worn-out carpet over time. We do not spare the time, the web, and the computer keys, because we would like to catch, grab, share and remember.

EMĪLS about the trip

Madis, I, Punktons - our new El Senkan Familia - we are all going to spend 6 months on and next to European waters in our Paprika Red Volkswagen T5, and enjoy the nature, cities and towns, as well as the people of our vast European Union, meanwhile continuing our ongoing work remotely, and labouring in some orange or olive field now and then. We will also write about it all: our preparation for the voyage in Latvia, and our adventures somewhere else within the Schengen territory.

This is the goal we set more than two years ago, the dream, which has finally taken shape, started to kick in for real. If the question "why?" arises, then this blog will also give you answers. Most likely, you have already heard or read about the reason in some adventure seeker's or Instagram star's reflections, or in a motivational book. I recall the one once written by some Richard Branson, who has devoted 100 pages for a motivation, which might make any American basketball team coach turn pale from envy.

The reason why we lacked something might be found in our daily lives. Day after day, we both rose up and went to do our advertisement work, did our job, but primarily were only filling the homes of Latvian families with all the best. Everything was OK, we had great colleagues, excellent work environment, good development potential, I would recommend everyone to work with my previous company, and yet, there was an idea which I could not get rid of. hat if the world starts rotating at an even higher speed and everything gets messed up much faster than you expected? You can never know, when some meteorite or Kim takes on doing something evil, and everything you have achieved is gone with the wind.

This is how our reflection appeared, we realized that everything we do does not make us fully satisfied, and leaves us to live in the face of eternal questions, as to why are we doing it, and what's the point in it? Whether it gives something to the people around us? We realized that the feeling will not disappear, although both together we have found about 10 000 different answers. Why did we choose travelling? When living and working in the centre of the city, at a 20 minutes’ walk from home, the whole week is spent in the 10-15 km distance from our beautiful Avotu Street. At first it seems that this is what life is about, but in a couple of years, you understand that you could try to live a different life. Not till the end of your days, but what if you thin out these things for some time? Travel makes me escape the rhythm, the daily rhythm. The days are getting longer, because the brain processes new information, you challenge yourself to summon your strength not to schedule only Saturday and Sunday, but every day of your life. The minibus was chosen because I was hitchhiking around Europe some time ago, and I liked the way you can see a lot, while getting everywhere, but I hated the nights spent in the streets of some town or the challenge to find a place where to have a decent sleep overnight. The van is a good solution, and also a more relevant and secure option for my new family. I have been fortunate in my life, and I have met my dear, caring, beautiful and also very wise wife Madara, who wholeheartedly agreed firstly, to marry me, secondly, had envisaged a similar voyage herself. And when two people are taken over with the same idea, then they have no other choice than approve of, and hammer down. On the level of the psychic media shows, we feel that some travel might be a good solution.


We will hammer but, as modern people, we will also record everything in the servers of the immense Web. Actually, I have always wanted to write, but never could bring myself to do it, and, to say the truth, there was nothing to write about, but now it seems that this would be the ideal moment to start. Some time ago I read in Facebook a standpoint that blogs are "2000'n-late", but I would agree to it by no means, because thinking and doing something is sensible, especially in our latitudes, where we all are somewhat secluded and also slightly Skankhunt42 at heart. We are going to write the blog, in order to create something lasting for ourselves, and also in order to pass the information over to our numerous family members and friends, so that they keep track of the events and know, whether our kidneys are not already sold on the black market. And on such a beautiful note I'd like to quote R. Elbakyans - never conceded I will have to do it - Go for it!

1 - Skankhunt42 a guy from SouthPark