MADARA about the van

I read what Emils has written and realized that I have nothing to add. Except that I wanted to have a reliable, comfortable, pretty van, which would save us from selling organs on the black market. Over time, I agreed with the idea that in the future, we are going to carry around our family, not furniture more often, therefore a passenger minivan would be a much better option. After that I could only rely on the boys and wait for the click, because everything what happens in our life, starts with a one. Emils has also already said everything about it. I can only agree. I presume, I will agree in technical matters, but I will find out topics in which I'll be able to dominate, Yo ho!

EMILS about the van

If you asked me in everyday life, how to buy a good, reliable car, then I would respond with three fantastic, deep cognitions:

- If you want a good car, do not buy those craps, ending in "T", when pronounced, like Peugeot or Renault.

- Our friend Ginger once said that there is only one car shittier than Opel, and it is Ford.

- Better pass by car markets, like the one in Rumbula (Car market in Latvia).

For our journey to be implemented and turned from an idea into effect, we had to make the first big step and buy a motah. Keeping in mind my first cognition, we skipped all French cars, as far as that, I still trusted myself, but later on I asked for help from two guys, Dins and Janis, whose names I will keep secret. People usually call them the mechanical chaps. Chat after chat, and the choice became clear rather quickly - either the German people's car or Ford. Ford Transit has proven itself already, but now it resembles an awkward shoe box, and I also started hearing Ginger chanting next to my ear: "Ford, ford, ford, shit, shit, shit". Consequently, sparing all the jiggery-pokery, we concluded very soon to choose a Volkswagen, the peace advocates of older times could not have chosen it as their dwelling place in vain.

The brand of the car was decided upon very quickly, the secret mentors and my deep knowledge made an expedite choice. Now I had to figure out, how spacious, what type of, how long, wide, and high, how cool a car we needed, after all. Here our opinions started to differ a little, we had the following opportunities: to buy a Krafter van with space more than enough, a California where they have already thought about everything, or purchase a smaller car, the type of Transporter, and refit it. This was discussed already on the one-on-one basis, we both said, what we meant - pro and contra, but eventually realized that the purchase will turn out quite big and an accordingly large amount of money will be spent, so the vehicle should be of the type we could also keep after the voyage. It should be permanent in the sense that you can load the whole family into it and to for a trip, but not use only for a start-up, enrol Ivan and Aldis and open our loaders' business. The only problem remained that we will have to wait for all the passengers, but, nothing doing, we will tune also our time accuracy, and in the case if our family expands up to 8 people, so bring it on, we are ready also for that. In short, we decided to buy a van, refit it by ourselves, as our budget could not really cover the expenses for a California, then we will be able to fill all the 9 seats with people, and the van will also be applicable in everyday life afterwards, and we will not have wasted our money.


We spent some 3 months, looking for the right ven, we used the local advertisement site, of course, and were searching also around the country once ruled by the führer. Germany always seems an attractive option, because in the so-called faterland, almost all the cars have had one previous owner, who has operated the car on his or her way to the church only on Sundays, having sprinkled holy water upon it, and, perhaps, even taken Jesus for a not-so-distant drive. Our first pursuit lasted for 3 months, we had several choices, but nothing captivated us to the full. We have always been sure, me and Madara, that a big, important purchase should be like, you know, when you look at it and realize at once that Yes, this is IT, this is the perfect option. Then one day we noticed a T5 Transporter truck in the local site, which looked like it might meet the conditions of "THE CAR". Well, there was still a tiny problem - I violated one of my commandments regarding the car market in Rumbula and went there. There always remain the 40% for success. You know, the Paprika Red one caught our sights from the very moment we set our feet in the vast car parks of Rumbula. Everything looked like a hopscotch, and after all those pieces of junk we had seen, this van was like a fresh breath among the crowd of onion eaters. The owner of the car park picked us out at once, like an eagle, approached us in his smooth step and, surprisingly or not, after what he said, the van was in good condition, the belts replaced, I heard nothing about driving to the church, but it seemed that it had had its own confirmation for sure. We pulled one lever, then another one, our mentors confirmed that everything looked like OK, everything was in its place, and at that moment the Transporter already started taking the place of our car in our minds. By violation of the third commandment, we made the final decision, shook hands with the owner, and bought the car. The next day we drove it to the general inspection, and the best thing in all this story was the fact that it passed everything spic-and-span, and we remained only waiting for warm weather, so we could start rebuilding the vehicle.

The van has been ours already for 3 months, we have tried it, and I can say that a 60 years-old grandpa has awaken in me, who enjoys the vast car, and I know that one day when we'll have to transport a fridge, I'll be ready to do that. We have also made sure that the van has already nicely served for the transportation of the large El Familia, as well as the fact that the clock shows different time for every citizen of Latvia. After this time, we have made it clear, that the trip will take place, only we do not know the right time yet, but the process is going on!